Expansion joints

fuga F100 _RG

Expansion joints RG

Waterproof •Solid •Easy installation •Low level of noise •Resistance to tires, chains, oils, gasoline, salt, cold, ozone, direct sun light

Consolidating the best experience in this area, high quality omega and bridge-figurative expansion joints F 50, F 100 and F 200 are being designed and produced, to be used in roads and bridges and joints hidden type GS 2040.

. The joints are suitable for different levels of expansion of the structures in which they are used.

They are extremely flexible, built of special reinforced rubber with metal frame, entirely covered with the rubber which aims corrosion protection. The type of the rubber used, is resistant not only to bruises, but to damages, caused by tires and chains also. It can not be drilled from oil, gasoline, salt, cold, ozone or direct sun light.

Produced following several basic models open road joints

Also closed type joints and other specific models open type joints


The metal frame is made from high grade cold laminated steel, which responds to UNI 7070 and rubber-metal connection characteristics over 10 N/mm.

The structure is closed from above, as one-way screw system is tackled and poured with resin.

The installation is extremely easy and save process. Usually an executable from a working assembly group on the site of the object.

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