Еlastomeric bearings

elastomeric bearings _RG

Elastomeric bearings RG

The elastomeric bearings RG are high quality, european standard EN 1337-3, guaranteed production in factory RG Italy and the necessary certificates.


They are composed of elastomer – natural rubber layers, NR, reinforced with steel plates built in the bearing. Chemical unbreakable coherence of the product is achieved through vulcanization in special forms.

Elastomeric bearings (rubber bearings or neoprene bearings) are the flexible connection for transferring the loads between constructive or bridge elements, which allows determinate stage of movement to the construction. The bearings assume determinate amount vertical and horizontal loads, displacements and rotary motions, through their flexible deformation.

Produced all types of elastomeric bearings according to EN 1337-3

All combined types of bearings according to EN 1337-3 are also being produced.Different types of external slabs are being produced – smooth, ribbed, with anchors, and others.

Advantages of the elastomeric bearings – fast and easy installation, extreme resistance to deformations, to ageing and to atmosphere / including ozone, humidity and ultraviolet rays /. Practically the bearings do not need maintenance or if they do it is minimalа.

The bearings are dimensioned and calculated on specialized software manufacturer, according to the received assignment and characteristics.

All elastomeric bearings are produced in a factory in Italy, according to European Norm EN 1337-3 with “CE” marking and issued Declaration of performance (DoP) according to Regulation EU 305/2011.

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